THÜROS T3 Direct Plus 4 Feet

Product number: TKE4F42-A-WHR

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T3 Direct Plus 4 Feet Charcoal Grill – cooking area 42 x 42 cm

The THÜROS T3 Direkt 4 Feet Charcoal is manufactured of durable, high-quality, antimagnetic stainless steel V2A to ensure a lot of grilling sessions throughout the years.
Not only the grill body, even the charcoal tray as well as the cooking grate are made of high-quality stainless steel. In addition, the cooking grate is electropolished as well as food-safe. It eases the cleaning when handling it properly.
All THÜROS Garden Grills are designed with a flue to use the centuries-old tradition of the flue draught principle. The adjustable air vent at the bottom of the flue ensures a quick and easy heating up of charcoal. When opening it to the maximum, the charcoal will be provided with oxygen permanently. Thus, it burns hotter as well as better. The temperature can be controlled by adjusting the air vent to get more or less oxygen flowing.
With its small footprint, the THÜROS T3 4 feet is ideal for grass and gravel.
Due to modular attachments you can expand your THÜROS T3 barbecue how you prefer it at any time. Limits are only set by your imagination.

Scope of Delivery:
Base plate, cooking grate, top, charcoal tray, ash tray, flue, air control slider, and all necessary screws.

EAN no.: 4021899832042
Country of Manufacture: Made in Germany
Cooking Area: 42 x 42 cm
Width: 45 cm
Height: 106 cm
Depth: 45 cm
Working Height: 86 cm
Weight: 14 kg
Material Grill Body: High-alloy, anti-magnetic stainless steel V2A/1.4301
Material Cooking Grate: High-alloy antimagnetic stainless steel V2A/1.4301, electropolished, food-safe
Material Thickness: 1 - 1,5 mm
Suitable for how many people: 2 or more
Type of Fuel:
Material Charcoal Tray: High-alloy, anti-magnetic stainless steel (V2A/1.4301)
Air Regulation: Yes
Ash Tray: Yes
THÜROS Charcoal Tray for THÜROS T3

THÜROS stainless steel charcoal tray for THÜROS T3

The THÜROS charcoal tray is made of high-quality, antimagnetic stainless steel V2A.

Due to the lasered holes, the charcoal always maintains sufficient oxygen in the whole charcoal tray. The cut outs also generate a constant heat throughout the whole cooking area.

After cooling down, the charcoal tray can be pulled out effortlessly by the two handles that are cut out on the sides of the tray. The leftover, cooled down charcoal ashes can be removed easily to keep the barbecue clean.

Product data:
- made of high-quality stainless steel V2A
- material thickness of 1,5mm
- dimensions (height x width x depth
): 7,5 cm x 37,8 cm x 37,8 cm

Scope of supply:
stainless steel charcoal tray


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Stainless steel grate support for THÜROS T3 models

THÜROS barbecue grate for the cooking surface of 42 x 42 cm.

Spare part for THÜROS® T3 models, except THÜROS T3 BBQ Station.
The T-line is equipped with an especially stable grate support. This has a longitudinal brace and a railing, so that the food cannot fall off when you put the coals on.

Product data:
made of high-quality stainless steel
electropolished, therefore food safe
Diameter 5mm

Scope of delivery:
Grate support


incl. 19 tax
excl. shipping

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