Plank barbecuing – method and pratice

Preparing food on watered wooden planks has a long history and is based on an old method applied by Amercian Indians of the Pacific Coast. So they cooked fish or meat gently above open fire.

In the middle of the 19th century, this method was re-discovered in America. The plank gives a nice aroma to the food and enables an even and gentle cooking without the necessity to turn the food around.

Plank barbecuing – watering of the wooden plank

Before barbecuing, put the plank in a vessel filled with water for at least 3-4 hours. The plank must be completely covered with water. This prevents the plank to burn, and the food is kept juicy.

Creating of a direct and an indirect cooking area

You should create a direct and an indirect barbecuing area on your Thüros stainless steel barbecue. You can easily arrange the areas with the Thüros water tray. Now put the food on the wooden plank and the plank above the indirect cooking zone (directly above the water tray). Now shut the barbecue hood and cook the food according to your preferences.