The word barbecue originates from the Spanish word "barbacoa" and has two meanings.

First, it means cooking over dry heat, like produced by wood or charcoal.

Second, it means the utensils used for doing so.

The typical barbecue originally comes from the Carribean or Florida – researches are still disputing about the topic. In the Carribean in former times (and today where cooking is practised in the traditional manner) people dug a hole into the ground where then a fire was lit. When only the embers were left, they were covered with a thin layer of earth. Thereupon people put a whole animal. After that it was covered with earth. After several hours the meat was excavated – with the result of having extraorinarily delicate and juicy meat.

Barbecue – spreading and practice

During the years, the barbecue spreaded widely. The southern US States were the fist region where the barbecue was practised area-wide. Owners of big farms and plantations organised big barbecues, to which, a part from family and friends, often also the slaves were invited.

Nowadays, barbecue-grilling is not practised in an earth hole anymore, but with a barbecue bonnet. The best temperature for barbecue-grilling is between 100°C and 160°C. To control the temparature, a barbecue-grilling device should always be equipped with a thermometer.

Barbecue -grilling means cooking at low temperatures in a closed space. You should plan with cooking imes of two hours or more. The result will be, as already mentioned, extraordinarily delicate and juicy meat.