With a small gap directly over the embers – direct barbecuing

We talk about direct barbecuing, when the food is placed on the grate directly above the embers, the charcoal or another heat source. It is, by far, the most popular and most comon type of barbecuing. Direct barebcuing is fast barbecuing at high temperatures of about 250°C. Temperature and cooking time can be regulated by adjusting the height of the grilling grate. The intense heat on the food causes the desired Maillard reaction, that produces the characteritic browning and taste of the food.

Cooking time 30 minutes or less – direct barbecuing

Barbecuing experts say, that food with a cooking time of 30 minutes or less is perfectly suited for direct barbecuing. That includes frying sausages, chops of meat, steaks and skewers, not forgetting, of course, vegetables. With oil-based marinades, flames may form when the liquid drops down into the embers. These flames should be kept a slow as possible, so that a negative effect on the taste and digestibility is prevented. The typical, popular pattern of the grate is given to the food when babrecuing directly. The barbecue offers open sight to barbecue master and guests, so everyone can follow the process of cooking.

THÜROS charcoal barbecues, THÜROS column barbecues and THÜROS stainless steel chimney barbecues in a wide variety of shapes and designs are suitable for direct grilling.