THÜROS Shish Kebab Skewer Attachment for THÜROS T4

Product number: SPA4060E

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THÜROS Shish kebab skewer attachment for THÜROS T4

To prepare and grill tasty meat and/ or vegetable shish kebab is as easy as pie with this functional as well as nice-looking skewer attachment.
The attachment includes a frame and x8 skewers made of high-quality stainless steel.

To turn the skewers effortlessly, place them in the cutouts of the frame. The 360° thread of the spits are placed on the side with the smaller cutouts. Like this, the skewers can be turned continuously by pushing it forward gently. Thus, there is no need to lift the skewers for turning.

Product data:
- made of high-quality stainless steel
- x14 skewers each 60 cm
- dimensions including skewers (height x width x depth): 6,6 cm x 42 cm x 61,5 cm

Needed accessories: /
Recommended accessories: further skewers (S600E), x10 per package, each 60 cm long
Not compatible with:
Due to the use of the skewer attachment other grill accessories, i.e. wind deflector, cannot be added.

Scope of supply:
skewer attachmen including x14 skewers


EAN no.: 4021899211021
Country of Manufacture: Made in Germany
for Cooking Area: 40 x 60 cm
Width: 61,5 cm
Height: 6,6 cm
Depth: 65 cm (mit Spießen)
Weight: 4 kg
Type of Fuel:

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