THÜROS Charcoal Initiator for Left-Handers

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THÜROS Charcoal Initiator for Charcoal and Briquettes – specially for left-handed people

The THÜROS Charcoal Initiator always ensures a success to ignite the charcoals. Even briquettes that are harder to ignite are no problem. Charcoals or briquettes take approx. 20 minutes to reach the optimum state to start barbecuing. When the coals are covered with a white/ light grey ash coat, they are ready to be tilted into the charcoal tray of the barbecue.

It is very easy to use the THÜROS Charcoal Initiator. Place a handful of charcoal or briquettes into the initiator.Put two THÜROS wood wool lighters or other fire lighter cubes between the coals. Light the fire lighters and wait until they fully burned down. Afterwards, add more coals on top.  

An alternative option to start the charcoals or briquettes is to place two wood wool lighters into the space below the charcoals. To do so, the charcoal initiator has an extra big opening on one side at the bottom.

No matter which way you choose to start the coals, wait until they are covered with a white/ light grey ash coat. Then, grab the handle with your left hand and drag the initiator above the charcoal tray of your barbecue. Tilt the charcoal initiator sideways to empty it out. In order to have a great control of the dropping out coals, the THÜROS Charcoal Initiator has one longer side as a dispensing aid. 

For an optimal use we recommend solid fire lighters. We advise against using liquid fire lighters.

Product data:

  • made of high-quality stainless steel V2A
  • synthetic handle on the left side
  • measurements (height x width x depth): 29 cm x 15 cm (24,5 cm incl. handle) x 15 cm
  • disposing aid on one edge

Recommended accessories: Wood wool lighter (item no. GA104)

Needed accessories: /

Not compatible with: /

Scope of supply:
THÜROS Charcoal Initiator


EAN no.: 4021899000878
Country of Manufacture: Made in Germany
Width: 15 cm (Breite mit Griff 24,5 cm)
Height: 29 cm
Depth: 15 cm
Weight: 1,5 kg
Material Grill Body: High-alloy, anti-magnetic stainless steel V2A/1.4301
Type of Fuel:

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