THÜROS smoking accessories for the smoking oven

Burning material and smoking flour play an important role when smoking food. THÜROS offers different types, each of which provides a different aroma. THÜROS offers several cold smoke generators for firing the smoker.

The THÜROS cold smoke generator is a high-end product, when smoking of food is concerned. With the cold smoke generator you can produce smoke easily. The smoke generator can be placed in the smoking oven at will.

Furthermore you need a thermometer to control the temperature. You should also have inlay grates and hooks for hanging up the food. Here you can find everything you need to smoke your food successfully.

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THÜROS Smoking Dust Set 3 x 350g

THÜROS Smoking Dust Set - Alder 1-3, Beech 1-3 and Beech 2H

Give your smoke goods a special flavour with our THÜROS smoking dust set. As soon as the moisted smoking dust glows, smoke is generated which gives off the special taste to the food.

Product data:
- Set consists of:
350g Beech grain size 1-3 mm
350g Beech grain size 2H
350g Alder grain size 1-3 mm

Needed accessories: /
Recommended accessories: cold smoke generator for cold smoking

Recommended products/ equipment:

THÜROS BBQ Hood, THÜROS swivelling hood or THÜROS Smoker

Scope of supply:
350g smoking dust beech grain site 1-3, 350g smoking dust alder 1-3 grain size, 350g smoking dust beech grain size 2H


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