Barbecue accessories

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With the possibilities of the current stainless steel barbecues, the range of barbecue accessories also has been increasing a lot. The choice of the most suitable stainless steel barbecue is not an easy one, but regarding the barbecue accessories, the selection is even a bigger one.
There is hardly any dish you can’t prepare on a THÜROS stainless steel barbecue – and for nearly every dish there are great barbecue accessories, that will make the preparation easier. You have a very wide range of barbecue accessories to chose from.
Some barbecue accessories are essential and should not be missing when buying your stainless steel barbecue.

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Stainless Steel Wok 35 cm

THÜROS Stainless Steel Wok 35 cm

The THÜROS wok is made of stainless steel. Create delicious Asian dishes fast and easily on your THÜROS barbecue.
Due to its high-quality material, the THÜROS wok does not rust.

Scope of delivery:
1 THÜROS stainless steel wok


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THÜROS Barbecue Scraper 25 cm

THÜROS Stainless Steel Barbecue Scraper 25 cm

The THÜROS Barbecue scraper is used to remove any remaining marinades, fish or meat pieces from the cooking grate during a barbecue to prevent the residues to burn in the grate. The burning in would extend the cleaning process. Thus, the cleaning also prevents food to taste like the meat or fish that has been grilled before on the same grate.

The grill scraper is equipped with an adjustable cleaning head which has various cut outs. Thus, it can be used to clean cooking grates made of round bars from 3 mm up to 8 mm diameter. After turning the cleaning head to the correct position, fasten it by turning the nut.
Then, the grates can cleaned by sracping the barbecue scraper over each round bar. 


Product data:
- cleaning elements made of stainless steel
- handle made of hard wood
- adjustable cleaining head for cooking grates up to 8 mm round bars
- dimensions (height x width): 25 cm x 4 cm 

Scope of supply:
Barbecue scraper 25 cm


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THÜROS BBQ Tongs 40 cm

THÜROS Stainless Steel BBQ Tongs 40 cm

The THÜROS BBQ tongs is made of the same material as our THÜROS cooking grates: high-quality, electropolished and food-safe stainless steel. Therefore, it is particularly suitable for charcoal grills.
Thanks to the material, the handles of the THÜROS bbq tongs stay cold as stainless steel is a poor heat conductor.
Due to the shape and the finish on the surface of the gripping surface, the tongs has a very good grip.

Scope of supply:
x1 THÜROS bbq tongs 40 cm long


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THÜROS Cleaning Block

THÜROS Cleaning Block for cooking grates

The THÜROS cleaning block is made of foam glass and is very environmentally friendly. It is perfectly suited to clean cooking grates and safely removes heavy soilings. Even burn-ins on the cooking grate are no problem.

The cleaning block can be used on steel or iron surfaces. As it is an ecological product, it wears of material while using it.

Attention! Rinse all surfaces that were cleaned with the cleaning block with water. 

Product data:
- easy use and handling
- no use of chemicals
- eco-friendly, 100% ecological
- no unpleasent odours
- bacteriostatic and non-toxic

Scope of supply:
1 Cleaning block


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THÜROS Wood Wool Lighter

THÜROS Wood Wool Lighter - for grills and chimneys

Easy handling and environmentally friendly, wood woold lighter is a safe way to ignite your charcoal or briquettes. This product is made of natural wood that is impregnated with wax. After igniting one wool, it takes 8 to 10 min to burn down and is free from residues.  

Advatages of wood wool lighter:
- made of natural wood and wax
- long cumbustion period
- very economical in use
- extra hot flame, patented process
- combusts completely without leaving residues
- low smoke development
- resistant to moisture and wet
- unlimited durability

When using our premium THÜROS wood wool lighter, please be aware of the following:
- wood wool lighter is only used to ignite charcoal, briquettes, wood or similar fuels based on wood in barbecues, fireplaces or chimneys.
- Never use wood wool lighters to to light up other fire places, i.e. a ethanol fireplace, oil stoves or the like!
- Keep the lighter unreachable for children.
- Store the product in temperatures below +40° C.

Scope of supply:
1 package natural wood wool lighter (24 pc.)


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Barbecue accessories for your THÜROS stainless steel barbecue

You have made your dream of a THÜROS stainless steel barbecue come true, now you need the fitting barbecue accessories. But which accessories do you need? Independent of the type of stainless steel barbecue you own, the following basic equipment should not be missing:

  • Barbecue cutlery
  • Barbecue gloves
  • Barbecue brush
  • Barbecue cover

A decent set of barbecue cutlery is the be-all and end-all of barbecuing. If you haven’t thought about barbecue cutlery yet, a set of barbecue cutlery is the best choice. Barbecue tongs should definitely be part of the set. With barbecue gloves you protect your hands. Especially when grilling quite a long time, you will come to love the advantages of barbecue gloves.

In order to enjoy your barbecue for a long time, you should take care of it. The easiest and fastest method to clean a stainless steel barbecue is brushing it off. This is no problem with the right barbecue brush or a barbecue scraper. With additional cleaning and care products, the stainless steel barbecue will shine like new even after years. Finally, a barbecue cover should be part of your barbecue-shopping. After cleaning your barbecue, just cover it – especially when placed outdoors – and the barbecue will remain clean.