THÜROS T3 stainless steel barbecues

Grillkultur made in Germany

The barbecue that can be left outside in all weathers.

Made of high-quality stainless steel and therefore rust-protected, a THÜROS® stainless steel barbecue defies all weather conditions - even rain or snow. It is equipped with a lid or a hood and is available as a base plate or four-foot version. This makes it suitable for flat ground as well as for use on sandy soils or meadows. Thanks to its coverable barbecue surface, the barbecue always looks clean.

Note: In principle,all foot variants are possible for the combinations presented here.

Made in Germany
Article number:TKE42
Width:45 cm
Height:86 cm
Depth:45 cm
Working height:86 cm
Weight:13,5 kg

T3 stainless steel barbecue: Example models

This is where you will find a small overview of the models. All THÜROS® T3 stainless steel models and other designs are available in our shop.

THÜROS® T3 Direct Plus four-foot

Our recommendation for direct barbecuing on two levels

The temperature of the embers roasts, sizzles and braises the food evenly - even in windy conditions. The barbecue grate can be handled without gloves and is adjustable in two heights. The second level of the barbecue can be used, for example, for finished barbecued food or to keep side dishes warm. So you can serve everything together at a pleasant temperature.

Tipp: The wind guard attachment is part of the basic equipment for rotisserie barbecuing, or barbecuing with a side heat.

THÜROS® T3 BBQ stainless steel barbecue

Our model for direct and indirect barbecuing with a hood on one level

The THÜROS T3 BBQ is made entirelyfor barbecuing. It has a beautifully shaped BBQ hood with a new ergonomic handle and a matching water tray. So you can start indirect barbecuing, braising or baking in a very uncomplicated way and without any time-consuming preparation.

Tip: The barbecue can be easily divided into two heat zones with the BBQ water tray. Alternatively, leave out the water tray and fill the entire charcoal tray with charcoal.

THÜROS® T3 Pizza stainless steel barbecue

Our favourite for juicy pizza or tarte flambée, just like from a stone oven

The oven stone of the THÜROS® T3 pizza barbecue is made of fireclay, is heat-resistant up to 1400°C and ensures optimum heat release, even after the embers have gone out. With the thermometer on the hood and the air slide on the shaft, you have the temperature firmly under control. So the pizza tastes just like ones from the Italian restaurant. With a stainless steel rack, you can also prepare other barbecued food. The stainless steel oven stone holder is removable and dishwasher safe.

Tip: The BBQ hood also serves as protection against the weather (for year-round outdoor use). Use a thin baking sheet or baking paper to keep the oven stone clean.

The THÜROS®T3: Multifaceted, mobile and family-friendly

The THÜROS® T3 stainless steel chimney flue barbecue has a barbecuing surface of 42 x 42 cm and is ideal for families of up to eight people. The chimney flue principle enables optimum air supply, which is essential for firing up charcoal/briquettes and for regulating the temperature.

The T3 is made of high-quality, anti-magnetic and rust-free V2A stainless steel all around. The electropolished grate support is food-safe and easy to clean. The handles of our grate supports do not get hot during barbecuing and can be adjusted or taken down as desired. The chimney flue allows optimum air supply and a quick, easy lighting. The development of heat is stronger than with a kettle barbecue.

As with all our barbecue, you need less charcoal to reach the desired temperature with the T3.

You can choose between the 4-feet and the stainless steel plate base version

With the THÜROS® T3, you can choose between a model with a base plate or with four feet. The base plate is perfect for level ground, e.g. on a terrace. If the floor is slightly uneven, the four-legged model is more suitable. On the lawn, you spike one or more of its feet, and on gravel, the barbecue gets a firm footing by simply scraping it. Whether with a base plate or as a four-footer - the T3 consists of three parts that can be quickly and easily assembled with stainless steel screws. As a mobile version, you can effortlessly bring your barbecue to its desired place. The top has two large wheels and two small locking castors.

Model accessories and extensions for the T3

The THÜROS® T3 stainless steel barbecue can be individually equipped with an extensive range of accessories. Enjoy conventional barbecuing or rotisserie barbecuing, use it as a smoker cabinet or alternatively as a shish kebab barbecue. No matter whether you want to prepare rotisserie or rolled roasts, poultry or fish: The T3 easily adapts to your preferences. Thanks to the extensive accessories, you can design the barbecue according to your wishes. The THÜROS® plug-in module principle allows great flexibility. With a few exceptions, no accessory is permanently attached to your barbecue, so you can easily change the attachments at any time.