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THÜROS Wood Wool Lighter

THÜROS Wood Wool Lighter - for grills and chimneys

Easy handling and environmentally friendly, wood woold lighter is a safe way to ignite your charcoal or briquettes. This product is made of natural wood that is impregnated with wax. After igniting one wool, it takes 8 to 10 min to burn down and is free from residues.  

Advatages of wood wool lighter:
- made of natural wood and wax
- long cumbustion period
- very economical in use
- extra hot flame, patented process
- combusts completely without leaving residues
- low smoke development
- resistant to moisture and wet
- unlimited durability

When using our premium THÜROS wood wool lighter, please be aware of the following:
- wood wool lighter is only used to ignite charcoal, briquettes, wood or similar fuels based on wood in barbecues, fireplaces or chimneys.
- Never use wood wool lighters to to light up other fire places, i.e. a ethanol fireplace, oil stoves or the like!
- Keep the lighter unreachable for children.
- Store the product in temperatures below +40° C.

Scope of supply:
1 package natural wood wool lighter (24 pc.)


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