THÜROS Barbecue Topics

Here you find information about barbecuing: barbecue types, smoking and barbecuing methods or barbecue recipes – experience Grillkultur made in Germany.

Barbecue Types

In order to give you a little help in discovering which stainless steel barbecue fits you best, we introduce our barbecue types.

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Barbecuing Methods

Which barbecuig methods do exist? Just to help you find the perfect barbecuing method for you, we show our ways of barbecuing.

Smoking Methods

In general, we distiguish between three smoking methods: hot smoking, warm smoking and cold smoking. We introduce our methods of smoking to you.

Barbecue Recipes

Feel free to look through our barbecue recipes. New recipes are constantly added, so take a look from time to time.

Cleaning and Maintenance

To enjoy your barbecue a long time, you should care for it the right way. The first thing is to clean it appropriately.