THÜROS - our green side

A really carefree barbecue pleasure

For THÜROS® this has always been an important part of the brand philosophy "made in Germany"
THÜROS® chimney bbqs are particularly economical - for quick heating, high temperatures and a clean burn, you should not skimp on the quality of the charcoal / briquettes. We only recommend high-quality fuel from sustainable cultivation!

We are sustainable

Sustainability characterizes the corporate philosophy of THÜROS®. With over 25 years of quality guarantee on all stainless steel components, our grills have an above-average service life.

If a repair should ever be necessary, we can still supply you with suitable spare parts even after many years.

We work with cooperation partners who also care about sustainability.

We are solvent free

Only high-quality, single-variety stainless steel is processed.

100% rust-free, the stainless steel does not need to be painted or otherwise treated.

The surfaces and electropolished bars of our grill grates are very smooth, easy to clean and have an anti-allergenic effect.

We are ecological

We develop and produce in the heart of Germany and work together with suppliers from our own country and the EU. This ensures short transport routes, guarantees fair working conditions and simplifies quality control.

Our stainless steel processing in Thuringia causes almost no waste, since we melt down all metal residues. We only use a few plastic parts at THÜROS® - they are completely recyclable.