THÜROS Lateral Heat Charcoal Tray for THÜROS T4

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THÜROS Charcoal side burner for indirect heating for THÜROS T4

The charcoal burner for lateral heat is used best in combination with a spit (S4060EFK, S4060EFH or S4060FKO), a motor (MA3560) and a mountable wind deflector (A4060E). It is mounted on the same place as the warming rack on the wind deflector with only one single movement. The spit is set into the intended cutouts on the sides of the wind deflector.

It is recommended to light up the charcoal or briquettes in a charcoal initiator before filling them into the THÜROS charcoal side burner. Embers can be easily added during the rotisserie by filling them into the opening at the top of the side burner. Always use fire-resistant gloves when refilling the charcoal or briquettes.

To prevent meat juice or marinade to drip into the top of the grill, the THÜROS Drip pan (FS4060E) can be used during rotisserie. It replaces the cooking grate which is not needed when barbecuing on a spit and can be filled with water.

Product data:
- made of high-quality stainless steel
- dimensions (height x width x depth): 27 cm x 75 cm x 9 cm

Needed accessories:
- THÜROS mountable wind deflector (A4060E)
- THÜROS Spit for rotisserie (S4060EFK, S4060EFH or S4060FKO)
- THÜROS Motor for rotisserie (MA3560)
Recommended accessories: THÜROS Drip pan (FS4060E)
Not compatible with: /

Scope of supply:
charcoal burner for lateral heat

Additional Info

Additional Info

Additional product name in combination with rotisserie and mountable wind deflector
Manufacturer Thüros GmbH
Manufacturing Made in Germany
EAN 4021899841112
Basic grill THÜROS T4 TKE4060 with mountable wind deflector A4060E
Product type Accessory
Cooking area for THÜROS T4 with a cooking area of 40 x 60 cm
Cooking area in cm² -
Working height -
Width 75 cm
Height 27 cm
Diameter -
Length -
Volume -
Total height incl. roof -
Depth 9 cm
Gewicht 5 kg
Effective volume -
Effective height -
Product parts Laternal heat charcoal tray
Scope of supply Laternal heat charcoal tray
Measures packaging in cm -
Base plate -
Electricity connection -
Connection to gas bottle -
Features can only be used in combination with a mountable wind deflector (A4060E) suitable for Rotisserie
Material in general Stainless steel
Material cooking grate -
Material charcoal tray -
Material grill body High-alloyed, anti-magnetic Stainless steel V2A/4301
Material thickness 1,5 mm
Material base plate -
Material wheels -
Material handle -
Material side shelves -
Manufacturer guarantee 2 years quality guarantee
Availability guarantee Yes
Certificates No
Awards No
Tests No
Suitable for number of people No
Cooking area adjustable in height No
Air regulation No
Ash tray No
Convertible No
Type of operation charcoal grill
Type of grill Flue barbecue
Grill techniques diet grilling, direct barbecuing, grilling on a spit, laternal heat, shish kebab, vegetarian barbecuing
Food to grill beef, chicken, fish, fruit, health-conscious, Mutzbraten, pork, poultry, rolled roast, shish kebab, vegetables, vegetarian, venison
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