THÜROS flue barbecue

THÜROS flue barbecue

THÜROS flue barbecue made of stainless steel and the integrated flue draught principle

The THÜROS flue barbecue works with the centuries old, classical flue draught principle. Because of the flue draught effect, a flue grill has one big advantage in comparison to other conventional charcoal barbecues which is a quick and easy heating up. Due to the flue draught effect, it is needless to use tools for air circulation. After igniting the charcoal it takes the maximum of 15 minutes to have the embers ready for barbecuing. This is not possible with a barbecue without the flue draught principle.

Our THÜROS flue grill construction

The well thought out THÜROS flue barbecue construction does not only convince due to the short time for heating-up. It also needs significantly less charcoal than other barbecues. Therefore, it is recommended to use high-quality charcoal which is retort charcoal made of beech wood. Beech retort charcoal has the advantage that it has a substantially longer as well as constant embers which keeps the temperature for a longer period of time.
Find your own perfect, effective and economical flue barbecue with the unique flue draught effect from our THÜROS T-Line or our other THÜROS product lines.

THÜROS – leading manufacturer for flue and pedestal barbecues

The THÜROS GmbH is the leading manufacturer for high-quality stainless steel flue barbecues as well as pedestal grills using the flue draught effect. The grill manufacturer was the first producer who applies the physical features and advantages of the flue draught principle in the construction of their barbecues to create a flue barbecue better than any other grill brand. Charcoal needs air circulation to light up quick and burn constantly. The flue draught effect supports the air flow which ensures enough oxygen from above and below the charcoal in a flue barbecue. Common charcoal barbecues only have enough oxygen from above which is a good reason to buy a flue or pedestal grill.

The THÜROS® Flue Draught Principle – advantages and power

Optimised air flow thanks to the flue draught principle

The flue draught principle ensures an optimised air flow which is necessary to light up charcoal. Due to the resulting flue draught effect, the charcoal is lighted up quicker and constantly fueled. By using the air vent at the bottom of the flue, air is flowing inside the flue and raises to the top of the barbecue. This has the effect that the charcoal receives the optimum air flow from below which is needed for heating up. The oxygen in the air fuels the fire and supports the combustion to gain the needed grill temperature in no time. In a flue grill, the flue draught effect can be used at all times by regulating the air intake via the air vent to keep up the air circulation constantly. The air vent can adjust the temperature for barbecuing as well. The more oxygen flows into the flue, the more heat you get. For igniting the charcoal in a flue barbecue the air vent should be opened to its maximum.

Ideal temperature for barbecuing

When the coals get a white ash coating they are ready to start grilling. Then, the air vent can be closed. To gain the white ash coating it takes less than 15 minutes thanks to the flue draught principle. Regulate the air intake and therefore the temperature by closing the vents to the needed position.
Not only the construction of the barbecues with the use of the flue draught principle as its advantage has made THÜROS® to the leading manufacturer of flue barbecues. The high-quality of the barbecue throughout the years is also an important factor. THÜROS Grills are top quality barbecues made of stainless steel V2A and are subject to quality control tests.

Video: THÜROS Flue Draught Principle