THÜROS smoker

THÜROS smoker

The THÜROS Smoker

The THÜROS Smoker is a real eye-catcher. It is made of massive steel with a wall thickness of up to 6 mm. When using a Smoker, the food is cooked with a special cooking method which uses the hot smoke to cook the food gentle. The smoke results from the separate fire chamber in which a wood fire is lighted up. The hot smoke that develops is led to the cooking chamber in which the meat or other foods are placed. When food is cooked gentle in the smoky air of the fire, all dishes gain the typical barbecue flavour which is smoky and spicy in taste. The smoky flavour can be changed by using different types of wood.

A part of the smoke gets out of the Smoker through the flue. The developing vacuum is equilibrated by the use of the air vent on the side of the fire box. Due to the flow of fresh air, it starts to circulate. During the smoking process the temperature as well as the amount of smoke in the cooking chamber can be regulated by several air vents.

An advantage of the Smoker is that heat of the wood fire can be used on the outside of the fire box. The lid has a flat surface on the top which can be used as a hotplate.

Regular smoking or barbecuing by a temperature of 90°C to 130°C has a cooking time between 2 to 4 hours. When cooking bigger meat pieces or raosts, the cooking time can differ and take longer. In a Smoker, big pieces of meat with a high amount of connective tissue, f.e. beef brisket or shoulder, are prefered. Even though it has coarser fibre structure, it stays tender and juicy.


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