Types of Grills

Types of Grills

The different types of grills or grill types by THÜROS explained

Which THÜROS Grill is right for me. Charcoal or gas? Smoker or classic fireplace grill. To help you with decision support, we would like to briefly explain our grill types.

THÜROS stainless steel barbecues

The special feature of THÜROS grills is that all grills are made of durable V2A / 4301 stainless steel. A stainless steel grill by THÜROS is the optimum when it comes to the perfect barbecue.

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THÜROS flue barbecue

The THÜROS flue barbecue works according to the well-known chimney draft principle, which has a chimney effect. The THÜROS flue barbecue has compared to conventional charcoal grills the unrestricted advantage that it can be heated quickly and easily.

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THÜROS charcoal barbecue

THÜROS charcoal barbecue and charcoal grills are the Non Plus Ultra when it comes to stainless steel grills with top quality. THÜROS charcoal barbecues made of stainless steel are available in all conceivable types with a wide variety of uses.

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THÜROS electric barbecue

Since not everyone has the opportunity to grill in the open air and there are places where you can not barbeque, you do not necessarily have to do without the barbecue. The perfect solution for this is provided by a THÜROS electric barbecue insert made of high-quality stainless steel.

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THÜROS gas barbecue

THÜROS gas barbecue, barbecue BBQ gas grills and the upgradable gas-powered grill stations offer pure barbecue fun of the highest class. The THÜROS stainless steel gas barbecues are, like every THÜROS grill made of high-quality V2A / 4301 stainless steel, manufactured with the best possible workmanship under precise quality controls, which guarantee unequaled longevity and stability.

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THÜROS smoker

Made of solid steel with a wall thickness of 5 - 6 mm, the THÜROS Smoker is a real eye-catcher. If you use a smoker, it is usually spoken by "Smoken" (narrow: "smoke"). This is a cooking method in which the "Grillgut" are gently cooked with hot smoke. In the separate combustion chamber, a fire is kindled with wood.

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THÜROS pedestal barbecue

The THÜROS pedestal barbecue made of stainless steel combines all the quality features for which the company has been since 1993. A THÜROS pedestal barbecue - this is barbecue pleasure for the whole life by the high own quality and functionality. THÜROS uses only the highest quality stainless steel with a material thickness of 0.8 mm for the production of column grills.

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