Cold Smoking

Cold Smoking

Cold smoking - The smoking method up to 25°C

One of the three main types of smoking is the cold smoking. When cold smoking, the food to be refined is not cooked by heat, but refined by cold smoke. The food will be preserved longer. This is especially important with ham, sausage or smoked salmon. So the smoked foods are still consumable even after weeks. Not only the shelf life is prolonged, but also the taste refined. This gets a smoky touch.

Smoke is used at temperatures between 15 - 25 ° C. At these low temperatures, the outside temperature also plays a decisive role. As a result, this type of smoking is usually operated in autumn / winter.

Cold smoking is a long process because of the low temperatures. Which often extends over several days or even weeks. The advantage of cold smoking lies in the gentle preparation. Due to the low temperatures, important nutrients remain.

Cold-smoking also requires immersion in brine or dry salt. The later smoked product is thus deprived of liquid.

With different woods, the smoked taste can be varied. In general, suitable wood species are hardwoods, in particular fruit and walnut woods. This ensures that the food is preserved, but spoilage and decay are prevented.

Food that is smoked cold:

Mountain cheese, goose breast, boiled sausage, salmon, liver sausage, beef, salami, ham and bacon.

smoking times:

Mountain cheese - up to two hours

Goose breast - about a week

Salmon - two to three days

Liver sausage - one to two days

Ham and bacon - two to three weeks

To get the long smoking time, a cold smoke generator is recommended. With this the flour smokes for up to 9 hours.

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