Grilling Techniques

Grilling Techniques

Grilling Techniques - meanings, advantages and examples of use

There are different methods to grill your food.

Direct barbecuing

It is called “direct barbecuing“ when the food is placed on the cooking grate directly over the charcoal, briquettes or other sources of heat. This technique is the most popular as well as most used one. Direct barbecuing is characterized by a quick grilling time and a high griling temperature up to 250° C.
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Indirect barbecuing

Meat juice, fat or marinades can drip onto the chracoal embers when grilling direct. While doing so smoke can develop and result in flames. All this harasses the host, his guests and above all the neighbourhood. When this could be prevented or reduced to a tolerable level, barbecues would be used more often. Barbecuing is the oldest, healthiest as well as tastiest food preparation ever. Grilling is fun and promotes social interaction more than many other activities.
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Barbecue / BBQ

The word "barbecue" comes from the Spansih word "barbacoa" and has several meanings. On the one hand it describes as cooking with dry heat, f.e. over embers of wood or charcoal. On the other hand it puts emphasis on the gadgets that are used to do so.
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Barbecuing on planks

Barbecuing on steeped wood planks goes back in history and is based on an old Indian grilling technique to cook meat or fish gentle over an open fire. In the middle of the 19th century this method was rediscovered in the US.

It is a fine way to barbecue meat, fish, vegetables or even cheese gentle and flavoured. Chicken, turkey, salmon or goat cheese are cooked in perfection like this.
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Rotisserie in its original sense is the preparation of a whole animal, e.g. duck, rabbit, suckling pig or lamb, over an open fire. The bonfire atmosphere as well as the constantly turning of the goods have a special appeal.
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Barbecuing on a Smoker

A Smoker is an oven which is fired with wood or charcoal. The food will be cooked gentle or cured. Like in the case of indirect barbecuing, the goods are not placed directly over the embers. The current barbecue Smoker developed due to a method to cook meat for a couple of hours in a hole in the ground which is fired by embers.
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