Camping Grill

Camping Grill

THÜROS stainless steel Camping Grill model overview

THÜROS Camping Grills are compact and can be used at almost any event. May it be in the garden, on a balcony or taken on a trip, we have the right Camping Grill for every situation. All of our barbecues in this category are strong, transportable and easy to store once cooled down.

A versatile Camping Grill – advantages and usage.

Don’t miss the advatanges of a THÜROS barbecue on your holidays or on your grilling session in the park. All camping barbecues comply with the high standards of THÜROS products and are made of high-quality stainless steel.

Model range of THÜROS Camping Grills

THÜROS Tabletop
THÜROS T1 Tabletop Barbecue
THÜROS Minicater
THÜROS swivel grill

Camping Grill accessories and expansions

Suitable accessories and spare parts are listed under the respective barbecues.

THÜROS T1 Tabletop

THÜROS minicater

THÜROS B2 Shashlik Tabletop Grill