The new THÜROS T3G

Discover the new T3G Gas Grill - made in Germany.


THÜROS T1 Tabletop Barbecue

Compact and versatile - the THÜROS stainless steel tabletop grill.



Stainless steel smoking cabinets- made in Germany.



The premium Garden Grill - made in Germany.

THÜROS Grill Accessories

Grill Plate made of hand casted aluminium.



The premium barbecue for pros - made in Germany.




THÜROS T-Line – the new generation of stainless steel barbecues combines proven grill characteristics with timeless design.


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The perfect gift for friends and family. Whether stainless steel barbecues or Grill Accessories, they can buy all their favourite THÜROS products in our THÜROS Online Shop.

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Grill Accessories

Choose from more than 200 Grill Accessories.

THÜROS Grill Accessories

THÜROS T3 Garden Grills

THÜROS Accessories

If you barbecue on a stainless steel grill, do it on the one and only THÜROS

THÜROS - Grill Online Shop for everyone from Grill Beginnners to Experts, offering everything that the heart desires.

The Online Shop offers premium THÜROS stainless steel barbecues directly from the manufacturer. THÜROS is the leading brand for stainless steel barbecues in Germany and stands for the best quality, stability, durability as well as functionality. All barbecues are made of high-quality, rust-proof stainless steel. May it be a Camping Grill, a flue barbeuce, a charcoal barbecue or a comfortable grill station, buying a THÜROS Grill means bying a Grill for life. Our patented THÜROS flue barbecue is traditional with the centuries-old flue draught principle. It ensures a quicker heating-up as well as an economical consumption of the charcoal. In addition, a THÜROS BBQ is also impressive because of its easy assembly as well as easy handling. Our unique modular system for accessories offers our customers the possibility to create their own individual BBQ Station. Therefore, THÜROS barbecues can be extended to your own individual set-up. Wether you need a gas, electro, shish kebab, professional or BBQ grill, we offer all those kinds of barbecues with suitable accessories to give our customers a long-lasting grilling pleasure. In our Online Shop dreams of the ultimate to barbecue set-up become reality. We put emphasis on our years of experience as leading manufacturer and guarantee a constant high quality standard due to regular quality controls. All THÜROS products have a unlimited availabiliy guarantee.