THÜROS® barbecues are manufactured of high-grade materials with greatest care and precision.

Nevertheless, it may happen that a justified complaint occurs. If a complaint may occur, please contact the retailer where you have bought the product. The retailer will clarify the case with you. In general, we as a manufacturer are interested to solve all claims of complaints and warranty cases quick, non bureaucratically and in common interests.

If a clarification with your retailer will be impossble, please contact us directly.

For a smooth and quick handling we need the following information:

  • complete postal address (name, street, postal code, city)
  • purchase receipt as guarantee certificate
  • phone number (just in case), within reach at daytime (CET)
  • email address Exact information about the grill

For example:

  • description or item no.
  • which part is missing or defect
  • type of defect
  • image (if possible)