THÜROS Grill Shop

THÜROS Grill Shop

THÜROS Grill Shop - Factory sales 

The THÜROS Grill World at our German headquarters is extended by a new Grill Shop. With an area of 300 m², it shows the whole THÜROS product range. Find all types of barbecues as well as accessories built up and ready to be discovered. A new drive way directly to the new bulding offers enough space for cars, caravans or even busses to park.

Furthermore, it is build next to the THÜROS Grill Temple which can be visited as well when stopping by the Grill Shop. Together they are the center of our THÜROS Grill World. The Grill Shop focuses on our barbecues as well as gusto products from other high quality German brands to complete the product portfolio. In the Grill Temple, the barbecues are used for Live-Cooking shows and barbecue schools. Therefore, the focus is set on the enjoyment that you have when trying out the food that you grilled on a THÜROS.

Click here to check out our dates for the upcoming barbecue schools. The THÜROS Grill World is situated at our headquarter in Georgenthal, Thuringia. It is close to the motorway and easy to reach in a short time after leaving the motorway.

THÜROS Grill Shop Opening hours 

Monday - Friday: 10:00 – 18:00 
Saturday: 10:00 – 15:00 

THÜROS Factory sales 
Bahnhofstrasse 55
99887 Georgenthal

Phone: +49 36253. 189 660