Thuringian Rostkultur

Thuringian Rostkultur

Rostkultur – start of the bratwurst season

Barbecue, browning, bite, Rostkultur!

The Thuringian food, expecially the Thuringian bratwurst, is a very important tradition. As a result, the annual start of the bratwurst season is celebrated at a traditional bratwurst festival called “Rostkultur”, taking place in Erfurt, capital of Thuringia, every March. “Rost“ is a Thuringian slang word for ”grill”. Thus, the reason to celebrate the festival is not only the bratwurst itself but also the whole grill culture of Thuringia.

In front of the Erfurt Cathedral, more than 20 stalls barbecue different types of the Thuringian bratwurst on a charcoal grill. Visitors can have a taste of all the different types of bratwurst. Up to 50,000 visitors travel to Erfurt each year to celebrate Thuringian traditions.

The bratwurst season will be opened by no less than the bratwurst king. His bratwurst queen will be elected during the festival. Get an impression of the bratwurst festival: Link: Video Rostkultur