THÜROS Grillparty

THÜROS Grillparty

THÜROS Grill Party

Every year at the end of July, our THÜROS Grill Party takes place on the company grounds. Over the years, it it has become a folk festival with up to 30.000 visitors over the festival weekend.

It all started in the late 90s with our office building being built. For the opening ceremony, the founder had the idea to have a festival to celebrate the new building. Since our giant barbecue has been built and got an entrance in the Guinness World Records, it is used during the THÜROS Grill Party. It has the same functions as any regular THÜROS barbecue, which is why we build an entrance to the very top of the barbecue for the visitors, that they enjoy visiting every year. There, they can also get a traditional Thuringian Bratwurst to eat. Ever since its first presentation, it has become part of the Grill Party.

Over the weekend, there are up to 40 stalls to shop and a lot of entertainment, such as comedy shows or live music. Furthermore, the visitors can experience what barbecuing is about, see how it is done and get ideas for new dishes. Besides, they get to taste food that is barbecued by national, as well as international barbecue champions during their show cooking.

Thus, at the Thüros Grill Party people can experience our “Grillculture made in Germany”


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